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We provide high quality, innovative and cost effective residential renovations, refurbishments and extensions. Our all-encompassing range of home improvement services mean no matter what kind of project you have in mind, we have the expertise and know-how to enhance your home to the fullest.

Improving your home should be a therapeutic, rewarding stress-free experience and we aim to provide just that. At the conception stage of the project, we will work closely with you, the client, in order to comprehensively understand your needs and requirements.

Then, when liaising with the architect, we can better discuss the best way to achieve your design desires. Our motto is clear and continual communication between all involved parties; a process which ensures that when it comes to project completion, your vision comes to full fruition.

  • Residential Renovation
  • Commercial Renovation
  • Garage Renovation
  • Loft Renovation
  • Redecorating 
  • Adding to the property
  • Conversions
You need to figure out what aspects of a building can be improved. Plus, you need to decide in which order tasks have to be performed. When planning your project, it’s important to take into consideration every detail.

Q & A

One of the most common reasons people choose to renovate their homes is to add value when it comes to selling their property. Even if you aren’t planning to move but want to update your home, it may be handy to know what renovations can increase the value of a house.

Naturally, everyone involved in your project wants your project to be a success, especially you. The best way to ensure this is to allocate enough of your own time for working with your architect to communicate your wishes and give your honest opinion whilst keeping a keen eye on costs. Once your project gets to the site stage, make sure you (or your representative if you are unavailable) attend a site meetings. This allows you to visualise proposed changes before any works begin. In short – stay on top of things and keep asking questions if you are unsure of anything.

You’d expect a property finance company to say this is a key issue to consider. But there are important restrictions on funding for a short-term property purchase (which is the essence of buy-to-sell, or property “flipping”). And financial solutions have been developed specifically to suit them.

Conventional mortgages are designed for long-term property ownership, for periods of up to 25 or 30 years. There are penalty charges if you want to exit the mortgage early, certainly within two years.

They also take up to six weeks or more to get approved, which can lose you the deal if other buyers are circling. Auction properties usually need to be paid for within 28 days.

And standard mortgages can’t be used on “unmortgageable” properties: such as those without a bathroom or kitchen, or requiring extensive structural work.