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Kitchen Project

Another stunning kitchen that was designed by the team and agreed by the client. The initial colour choices were bold, but as you can see they ended up complimenting each other and popped once the herring bone oak flooring went in.  

New flush fitting appliances were purchased to keep the profile streamlined and in theme with the kitchen and dining area leading out to the patio.

The Challenges

Correct lighting was critical for the end result as the area was poorly lit. Installing a number of LED spotlights made this area bright and inviting. 


The Result

The colour scheme was important to the client and I think we nailed this one with the darker tones and black appliances.

The flooring was also a great choices and a style that is often overlooked for modern flooring ideas.

Installation: 08/07/2023
Theme: Dark blue/Herring bone

Client Feedback
Excellent design and quality finish, you guys really brought this room to life.