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  • Landscaping

The specialist in-house garden construction team can build your dream garden starting with hard landscaping right through to soft landscaping.

Whether installing a patio, laying a driveway, putting in decking, building a fence or turfing the lawn, our work will be of the highest standard.

Upon completing your garden design and landscape construction, you may want to take advantage of our garden aftercare packages.

It’s a great way to keep your dream garden looking as lush and lovely as when we completed the project. We can advise which option is best for your garden.

  • Decking
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  • Summer houses
  • Sheds
  • Garden Studios
  • Patios
  • Outdoor Tiling
  • Walling & Structures
  • Lawns
  • Lighting 
  • Planting
Every client and their garden dreams are unique, as are the bespoke garden designs we create.
We take the time to listen to what our clients long before offering advice and any recommendations.

Q & A

Usually, yes. A well landscaped garden will have clever features to negate some of the most fiddly gardening jobs.  Edgings for example keep gravel where it should be and stop your lawn encroaching into your flower beds. 

Good choices of materials and tricks like sealing porous pavers will avoid stains – but you will still need to sweep your patios and paths from time to time.

Use of mulch will keep weeds at bay and your landscaper can advise on lower maintenance planting schemes.  He or she can also install automatic irrigation systems to save you having to water your garden.

Talk to your garden designer and your landscaper about the levels of maintenance you can manage for your new garden.

Absolutely yes! The final choice should always be yours but please remember that your landscaper has a lot of experience in this area and that some landscaping materials might not be a perfect fit for your lifestyle.  

Aesthetics isn’t everything and neither is budget.  You will be living with your garden for a long time so think about functionality first.  It may be important to you that your patio is slip-resistant and stain proof, or that your drive is able to take the weight of heavier vehicles. Some materials take longer to install (and therefore cost more in labour) than others. And not every plant will thrive in your garden – no matter how good they look on Gardener’s World!

In short – yes, you can choose your landscaping materials, but please listen to your landscaper’s advice before finalising your decision.

That depends entirely upon the garden.  You have probably seen TV shows where a garden makeover is completed within 3 days.  Please put those shows to the back of your mind – they have been heavily edited and you probably don’t see that there are a lot of people working on them – most of whom don’t appear on the program.

For a landscaping project to be done well – well enough to last for decades – great care needs to be taken with the foundations. When building hard surfaces such as driveways or patios, your landscaper may use concrete  which takes a few days to set before the next part of the job can start.  There is no sense in rushing!

Discuss time-frames with your landscaper so that you know what to expect.